Hari Om Meditation

Definition - What does Hari Om Meditation mean?

Hari Om meditation is a practice in which the mantra of Hari Om is repeated as a focus for the meditation. It is said to activate the chakras, allowing the kundalini energy, which resides at the base of the spine, to ascend through the pranic channels. Thus, Hari Om meditation practice can be considered as a way to encourage prana to move from one energy center to the next.

The mantra of Hari Om is one of the most well known Sanskrit mantras, and it is highly regarded because it is thought to have the power to ease all suffering.

Yogapedia explains Hari Om Meditation

The words used in Hari Om meditation can be interpreted as follows:

  • Hari can be translated as "the remover", which refers to the one who removes obstacles, pain and bondages. Sometimes the Hindu god Vishnu was known by the name Hari, as he was himself the remover of bondages.

  • Om is the primordial sacred syllable. It encapsulates the whole of the universe and all of creation within its sound. Om is thought to be the only mantra that can bring a practitioner effortlessly into a state of samadhi.

The reported benefits of Hari Om meditation include increased connection with the universal energy and improved mental wellbeing. Thus, it is considered an uplifting meditation, and one which may be be especially helpful for those suffering from depression.

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