Sphinx Roll-Up

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Sphinx Roll-Up Mean?

Sphinx roll-up is a basic variation of sphinx pose that engages the core muscles.

Beginning in sphinx – prone with the tops of the feet, lower body and forearms pressing into the ground and the chest lifted – the yogi bows the head while pushing the hips up and keeping just the tops of the feet and the forearms on the mat.

Sphinx Roll-Up


Yogapedia Explains Sphinx Roll-Up

Sphinx roll-up targets the deep core muscles, building strength in the abdominals and lower back. By doing so, the pose improves posture and lays the foundation for more challenging asanas that require a strong core. Sphinx roll-up also serves as a good counter-pose to sphinx, which is a chest-opening backbend. In addition, sphinx and sphinx roll-up prepare yogis for such fundamental postures as upward- and downward-facing dog poses.

For beginners or yogis with ankle problems, the knees may remain on the ground as the hips lift. Yogis with shoulder problems should skip sphinx roll-up.

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Sphinx Core

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