Martya Loka

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Martya Loka Mean?

According to Hindu cosmology, the universe is divided into multiple worlds known as Loka. The earthly world, or Bhu Loka, is divided into sub-worlds, one of which is Martya Loka.

This is the lowest level, at which souls live in human bodies on a material plane. As they transcend to other Loka, it is believed that matter transforms into energy.


Yogapedia Explains Martya Loka

Descriptions of Martya Loka are found in the Vedic texts, and it can be translated from Sanskrit as the 'world of mortals.' Although this is often simply considered as 'earth,' the term actually refers to any planet that is not on the spiritual plane. Existence in Martya Loka is believed to be just one phase in the life of a soul.

According to Hinduism, birth into a human body in the plane of Martya Loka is not the beginning of life, but one of the many stages of reincarnation. It is believed that the plane to which we move after death is determined by our actions in Martya Loka. Essentially, whether or not we move up or down to other Loka is based on the deeds committed in mortal life.

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