Bhu Loka

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Bhu Loka Mean?

According to Hindu cosmology, the universe is divided into multiple Loka or 'worlds.' Bhu Loka refers to the physical world of gross matter, otherwise known as earthly reality. Directly translated from Sanskrit, Bhu means 'earth' and Loka means 'world'.

Bhu Loka is considered to be one of the lower planes of existence, and is thought to be only a small part of all reality as a whole.


Yogapedia Explains Bhu Loka

The concept of Bhu Loka arose in Vedic literature, and is used to describe the earth, relative to other worlds such as Naraka (hell). Bhu Loka is comprised of oceans, mountains, rivers and land, and extends as far as the rays of the sun and moon can reach. However, this realm does not include the sky which spreads above it, otherwise known as Bhuva Loka.

According to some traditions, Bhu Loka is the base world, with other Loka residing only above it. However, there are other schools of thought to suggest that Bhu Loka is in the middle, with other Loka both above and below.

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