Star Pose

Last Updated: January 6, 2018

Definition - What does Star Pose mean?

Star pose is an active yoga pose that opens and energizes the chest, and facilitates deep breathing. Star pose is a common transition pose and is commonly preceded by mountain pose.

In star pose, the body is upright with both legs spread wide. The arms are outstretched evenly to the sides, palms facing forward and fingers outstretched.

Star pose is also referred to by its Sanskrit name, utthita tadasana.

Star Pose

Yogapedia explains Star Pose

Star pose can be performed by yogis of all levels of experience. Some common poses that are often done in sequence with star pose are include warrior two pose, mountain pose and triangle pose.

Benefits offered by this pose include:

  • Alignment of the spine
  • Opening of the chest
  • Improved circulation and respiration
  • Reduced back pain
  • Strengthened leg muscles
  • Engages the whole body

Finally, if a yogi suffers from chronic headaches, dizziness or trouble balancing, he/she should move slowly into this pose.

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