Concentrative Meditation

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Concentrative Meditation Mean?

Concentrative meditation is the term sometimes used for a type of meditation in which the mind is focused entirely on one thought, object, sound or entity. The intention is to maintain the single-pointed concentration for the duration of the meditation. For an object of concentration, the yogi may use a sound or mantra, their breath or a physical object such as an icon or candle.

Concentrative meditation is practiced by many yogis and those seeking enlightenment. It is designed to still the body and calm the mind in order that higher states of consciousness can be achieved. Its key benefits are that it builds patience and mental acuity.


Yogapedia Explains Concentrative Meditation

Forms of concentrative meditation are advocated as part of many spiritual practices. In the famous yogic text, the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna counsels Arjuna to meditate with a single-pointed awareness on the Divine and think of nothing else in order to realize his true nature.

Concentrative meditation is also an important part of Buddhist teachings, where it is recommended as a way to discipline and calm the mind. It is said that Buddha was using concentrative meditation when he achieved enlightenment.

Concentrative meditation differs from mindfulness in that the field of awareness is narrow. In mindfulness, the intention is to cultivate an open awareness, conscious of the everything that is arising in the whole field of present experience. Concentrative meditation, in contrast, requires that the awareness collects entirely on one point. It is also different from contemplative meditation in that any intellectual engagement with the object of focus should be avoided — the point is the concentration itself.

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Concentration Meditation

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