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What Does Sukla Mean?

Sukla is a Sanskrit term that means “white,” “pure” and “bright.” In Hindu and yoga philosophy, it is a word typically used in the grading of karma. Sukla refers to good deeds that lead to good karma. Sukla-krishna (white-black) karma is a mixture of both good and bad.

The law of karma holds that a person accumulates both good and bad karma as a result of his works or actions throughout his life. It’s this karma that affects his future or future lives either positively or negatively.


Yogapedia Explains Sukla

Many in the West think of karma in terms of the negative – that is, someone who does wrong but seemingly gets away with it will suffer the consequences in some other way later in life. But, karma is also good, or sukla, so that someone who lives a righteous life may be rewarded in the next life.

Karma falls into four categories:

  • Sukla (white/good)
  • Krishna (black/bad)
  • Sukla-krishna (mixed)
  • Asukla-akrishna (balanced)

While sukla may seem the best, it is asukla-akrishna that is more desirable because it is neither positive nor negative. It is this balance, called karmasamya (karma equality), that is necessary if the yogi is to obtain liberation from the cycle of reincarnation and achieve enlightenment.

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