Patala Loka

Definition - What does Patala Loka mean?

Patala loka is the lowest realm, or plane of existence, in Hindu philosophy. The term comes from the Sanskrit patala, meaning “underworld” or “netherworld,” and loka, which translates as “world,” “abode” or “realm.” It is sometimes referred to as naga loka because it is the region inhabited by the nagas, semi-divine, serpent-like creatures that are half human. Vasuki, the serpent king, rules over the nagas and patala loka.

The concept of lokas in general and patala loka in particular depends on the specific Hindu tradition. Some believe the lokas to be actual realms of existence, while others see them as states of consciousness.

Yogapedia explains Patala Loka

Lokas are typically divided into the seven upper worlds, or vyahritis, and the seven lower worlds, which are also collectively referred to as the sapta adho-loka or patalas. Patala loka is the seventh and lowest of the patalas.

In Hindu mythology, nagas are the guardians of treasure, so patala loka is described as containing palaces decorated with precious gems. When they became too numerous on Earth, the nagas were banished by Brahma to patala loka where they were ordered to bite only those who were evil.

Spiritually, patala loka is the state of consciousness created by hatred, malice and other evil. To move beyond this state, the yogi must clear the patala chakra (energy center), located on the soles of the feet. Empathy and understanding unblock this lower chakra.

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