Mahar Loka

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Mahar Loka Mean?

In yogic and Hindu philosophy, mahar loka describes the fourth highest heavenly realm, or plane of consciousness. The term derives from the Sanskrit word mahas, which means “power,” “greatness,” “glory” and “might.” Loka translates as “world,” “realm” or “plane of existence.”

While the number of lokas varies by tradition, in Hinduism they typically number 14. Those lokas are divided into sapta urdhvaloka (seven higher worlds), which includes mahar loka, and sapta adholoka (seven lower worlds). The seven upper realms are also known collectively as the vyahritis, and the seven lower worlds are also knows as the patalas.


Yogapedia Explains Mahar Loka

Sometimes called deva loka, mahar loka is the believed to be the home of the saints, sages, enlightened begins and rishis who survive destruction of the world.

The lokas are physical locations to some, but others believe they are metaphysical realms. From the perspective of yogic philosophy, mahar loka is thought to be the realm of the anahata (heart center) chakra, which is associated with love, compassion, empathy and foregiveness.

In descending order, the seven upper lokas, or vyahritis, are:

  • Satya or Brahma loka – the highest loka and the plane of highest consciousness where liberation from cycle of rebirth occurs.
  • Tapar loka – home of the immortal ascetics and the four kumars.
  • Jana loka – the realm of inner truth and understanding, it is also home of the sons of Brahma.
  • Mahar loka
  • Svar loka – the plane located between the sun and the polar star.
  • Bhuvar or pitri loka – consists of the planets, stars and space between the sun and Earth.
  • Bhur loka – the Earth.

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