Nam Simaran

Definition - What does Nam Simaran mean?

Nam simaran is a term derived from the Punjabi and Sanskrit languages that means “repetition of name” or “remembrance of name” and refers to the name of God in both Hindu and Sikh traditions. The name of the divine is repeated silently or aloud through prayers, hymns, chanting or meditation.

Simaran comes from the root smr, meaning “remember,” while nam is translated as “name.” Nam simaran, therefore, suggests remembrance of one's mortality and of the divine qualities that can be absorbed through this concentration.

Yogapedia explains Nam Simaran

In Sikhism, nam simaran (also called nam japan) is the focusing of the mind on the word Vahiguru (the name of the supreme being), on guru, on nam or on any of the names by which the supreme being is referred.

Like yoga, the goal of Sikhism is union with the divine, which ends the cycle of reincarnation. To achieve this liberation from the rebirth cycle, Sikhs practice nam simaran. This practice is more than just ritualistically repeating a name, but becomes spontaneous love in which the ego is removed.

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