Tapar Loka

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Tapar Loka Mean?

Tapar loka is the Sanskrit name for the sixth plane of existence. According to the teachings of the Upanishads, tapar loka is one of the seven upper worlds, the home to the gods and goddesses and is the plane of conscious energy and spirituality. The word tapar comes from the Sanskrit tapas, meaning “heat,” but, when combined with the word loka, which means “world,” tapas takes on the deeper meaning of “spiritual or conscious power.”


Yogapedia Explains Tapar Loka

Tapar loka is the sixth plane of existence in the upper world and is inhabited by beings who no longer have care and concern for the material world and who are highly conscious and spiritual. The Upanishads outline the planes of existence that include both the vyarthis, or “upper,” and patalas, or “lower,” worlds.

In addition to tapar loka the other upper worlds are:

  • Satya Loka
  • Jana Loka
  • Mahar Loka
  • Svar Loka
  • Bhuvar Loka
  • Bhur Loka

The upper worlds represent existence in the physical world and the ascending path to spiritual development, leading to enlightenment and release from the karmic cycle of rebirth. Beings in tapar loka, the sixth plane of existence, have only to attain the seventh plane, or satya loka, to escape the cycle of rebirth.

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