Susan Verde

Susan Verde is an author, yogi and native New Yorker, Susan also leads mindfulness workshops for children and adults. Her books focus on a variety of topics, and alway highlights the unique perspective children have on the world. Her stories focus on their interactions with the world around them and allow them deal with big issues in a calming and mindful way. From yoga sequences to lifelong friendships and more, Susan’s books are used to teach children how to be proud of themselves and how to support one another in their pursuits — no matter how small they may seem!

Susan was born a storyteller. As a young New Yorker, growing up in a brownstone in Greenwich Village with her brother Michael, she kept a piece of chalk in her pocket (for spontaneous hopscotch) and her skate key around her neck, ready for the next adventure. Her story brought her out east to the sea, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s in reading remediation and become an elementary school teacher at a school in Bridgehampton, New York. After being an elementary teacher for several years, she then became a certified kids yoga instructor and children’s book author. Her stories inspire children to celebrate their own, unique stories and journey. Her writing also inspires adults to let their inner child out dream of infinite possibilities… and maybe come out for a spontaneous game of hopscotch every now and then.

Susan’s newest book, “The Water Princess”, is slated to be published in Fall 2016, and is part of a series of collaborations she has worked on with illustrator and dear friend, the best-selling, award-winning author, Peter H. Reynolds. Other books with Reynolds include “The Museum”, “You & Me”, and “I Am Yoga”.

She resides in East Hampton, New York with her three children and dog, Gizmo. Susan uses the techniques she has learned in her workshops, her work in the classroom and beyond to raise mindful children who are proud to share their own unique experience!


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