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Kelsie Phillippo

Freelancer + Yoga Blogger


Hi there! My name is Kelsie, a Michigan native and inspired yoga teacher in training. To allow for a life of both freedom and nourishment, I have designed a freelancing and blogging space to explore and grow in. The work I do for my clients is grounded on a combination of my experience as an executive assistant and in yoga studio management, as well as my soul’s connection to itself through yoga. I have created a transparent space to collaborate with yoga & health studios, wellness centers, and heart-conscious visionaries across the country. Through our connection, I take ownership of their un-inspiring tasks, of which I nurture and oversee from my home along the fresh coast in Lexington, Michigan. From this space, I also invite yogis and non-yogis to feed their souls through my personal yoga blog. Here you'll find tidbits of knowledge that I pick up through yoga teacher training and all the life-changing realizations that come along with it. Thank you for visiting my space!

Articles by Kelsie Phillippo

  • Practicing Aparigraha (Non-Attachment)

    Just like we practice asana and pranayama in yoga, we must also practice aparigraha, or non-attachment. We can relate aparigraha to being non-possessive, non-hoarding and non-greedy. The underlying burden we carry is our attachment to our expectations.

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