Hannah Faulkner

Hannah Faulkner grew up in Sacramento and moved to San Diego during college in 2003. She has chosen San Diego as her home because of the abundant sunshine, aesthetic design, friendly people, nourishing nature, and yogic culture. After completing a degree in Liberal Studies with an Art concentration, her curiosity and adventurous spirit urged her to travel the world. She became a flight attendant and traveled for 4 years to see places with interesting and different cultures, natural beauty, and art history. Her favorite places include Paris, London, Camino de Santiago in Spain, Crete in Greece, Palenque in Mexico, Bali in Indonesia, and Kamakura in Japan. Through this journey she found new ways to see the world. She first tried yoga at the end of her college studies, when her fingertips were 6-8 inches from touching the ground (in forward fold), then she dabbled in yoga on Nintendo Wii. She really dove in and found transformation through Yoga One San Diego. In 2012, while serving tables at Cafe Chloe, Hannah met Laura McCorey, a teacher and blog writer from Yoga One, and began learning yoga in beautiful Balboa Park. Laura opened her perspective to the healing aspect that yoga can bring and she began to find inner balance and peace as she practiced 3-4 times a week for the following years to the present. With an athletic background of a runner and hiker, Hannah gradually began to increase in flexibility and whole body strength to start learning more intermediate and advanced poses. During that time, she completed her California Teaching Credential in Art and began teaching drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media to K-8th grade students at Endeavour Academy. Her lessons focused on individual creativity and learning about historical and cultural art techniques from around the world. Through the Language of Art and Design of the Elements (line, shape, form, value, space, color and texture) and Principles (balance, contrast, proportion, variety, unity, and gradation), Hannah leads her students through discussions and presentations in which students become very familiar with analyzing their own artwork and the artwork of others. In fall of 2014, after completely the Rainbow Kids Yoga Training, she stumbled upon the opportunity to also teach yoga to her students at the charter school. Hannah shares her passion of travel by taking kids through imaginary journeys to different places; the kids have been able to experience the joy and health benefits that yoga has to offer. Hannah emphasizes safety in getting into and out of poses, proper alignment, and the benefits of breathing with your movements (Vinyasa Flow). She incorporates partner poses like 'Bicycle" and "House" to teach trusting and interconnected relationships. Hannah also connects the yoga lessons to her art lessons. For example, she taught a Rainforest theme lesson with poses like tree, frog, jaguar, and rainbow, then incorporated illustration examples through books about the Rainforest, and students drew and colored their own illustration with these animals and objects. Further, after a yoga lesson of "Things that Fly, students created bald eagles with vinyl by tracing their hands for the wings. Hannah aspires to share her light and enthusiasm to anyone who is open. Hannah enjoys inspiring her students through through a full body experience of movement with breath, muscle strength and flexibility, connection with others, listening to verbal instructions and stories, playing world music, aromatherapy, and visual art. She has started teaching private art lessons, and after completing her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training this March 2015, she is excited to offer private yoga lessons to all ages as well. Hannah loves Half Moon pose and the contrast that it represents with the sun, similar to yin/yang philosophy. There are many contrasts in our life that are meant to be observed and appreciated: night/day, inhale/exhale, forward-bend/back-bend, hot/cold, energetic/calm, in/out, up/down, new/old, fast/slow, work/play, travel/home, left/right, clean/dirty, empty/full, difficult/easy, and young/old. I am inspired to continue to grow on my journey and share it with you!

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