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Evelyn Del Valle

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I’m a wellness educator, coach and inspirer of all things that elevate the soul. I support clients in re-igniting a sense of wonder, curiosity and joy towards wellness habits that lead to a grounded, vibrant state of well-being. I work mainly with three areas: 1. Nutrition & Digestive Health 2. Yoga, Exercise 3. Meditation & Contemplative Practices My work is informed by more than 20 years of study and application of indigenous wisdom traditions and the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda - including a 3-1/2 year work-study program in ashrams in India and the Catskill Mountains of New York. Living in a holistic environment for an extended period, afforded me the luxury of diving into deep exploration of these profoundly influential disciplines. Much of this work is backed by the most current evidence based medical and scientific research of the West. My own shift towards this lifestyle was inspired by both curiosity and personal challenges while living in New York City. Meditation I was working as an International Account Executive for Donna Karan International in the mid ‘90s when I became increasingly curious about meditation. I learned meditation at the gym and progressed to silent weekend retreats. The fruits of my efforts were not immediate during retreat, but they did unfold quite significantly in my daily living, particularly at work. After my 1st weekend retreat, I found myself responding in a spontaneous, strong and uncharacteristic (for me) manner, with a senior director at work. The experience was permeated by a profound sense of serenity and ease. I continued to meditate daily and found that my typically stressful international business trips were accompanied by a wave of calm. I quickly learned that meditation works. This profound experience inspired a deeper exploration of this work, which I did for 3-1/2 years in the ashram. Nutrition/ Food My interest in food was inspired by my long time childhood challenges with digestion which persisted through adulthood. This worsened initially, when my diet changed towards vegetarian with occasional meat. This sudden shift coupled with consuming a wide variety of items in one sitting (buffet style meals) threw my body and energy off kilter. I gained eight pounds and was consumed with extreme fatigue after each meal. During this time, I began to study and apply the principles of Ayurveda - the sister science of yoga- and to take note of the effects that food, food combining and my environment had on my body, digestion and nervous system. It was astonishing to discover a reasonable way to work with food that made sense and actually had an enormous impact on my overall well-being. I experienced how food plays a pivotal role physically, energetically and emotionally - as evidenced by modern day science, on our energy, mood and overall health. Yoga/ Exercise Yoga was the last of these three practices I engaged in. I teach a postural alignment style of yoga - which means, you use your muscles and bones to re-align the body in a way that provides the greatest range of motion and freedom, while cultivating strength, flexibility and increasing energy. What is most significant, is that even after 17 years of practice, I often have moments in practice where I blurt out - OMG?!! this is soooo good!!! For me - yoga is always new, because there are always deeper levels of refinement to access, and this in turn gives rise to the experience of utter joy as if for the first time.

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