Coming February 20th: The Yogapedia Podcast

By Yogapedia Editorial Team
Published: February 12, 2019
Key Takeaways

Yogapedia is expanding! We’re launching our very first podcast on February 20th!

With the compounding stressors of modern day life and the struggles to find one’s place and connection in the world, we believe that yoga and its related practices are needed now more than ever.


That's why we're excited to launch our own podcast hosted by award-wining film-maker Saraswati Clere.

Our first bi-monthly episode will be available February 20.


We created The Yogapedia Podcast to help you navigate life’s biggest questions through the lens of yoga. It includes interviews with master teachers, leading experts, doctors, researchers and practitioners. Each bi-weekly episode is filled with tips, secrets, and special knowledge that can help you live a healthier and more meaningful life.

The ancient teachings of yoga offer extraordinary solutions for navigating many of the critical issues in our modern landscape. Through intimate conversation our expert guests share their personal relationship to yoga, the discoveries that defined their path and the insights that engrained meaning into their everyday life. This season’s special guests are:


Episode 1: The Rap Warrior's Way

Episode 2: The Power of Devotional Art

Episode 3: The Science of Shifting Consciousness

Episode 4: The Evolution of Personal Practice

Episode 5: Merging East and West – The Yoga of Medicine

Episode 6: Empowerment Through Ancient Mantra and Song

Episode 7: Inner Awakening Through Nada Yoga

Episode 8: Elevating Our Consciousness

The Yogapedia Podcast offers up these inspiring conversations to support and champion anyone who wishes to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as those drawn to “awaken” to their innate power, purpose and greater connection.

For thousands of years, yogis gathered together in satsang to study the teachings of yoga. Our podcast is a designed for that purpose, as a place where we can gather and learn from modern yoga scholars and teachers.

We hope you join us on this journey starting February 20th.

The Yogapedia Podcast will be available to stream on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

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Yogapedia Editorial Team
Yogapedia's editorial team is dedicated to writing and curating authentic yogic knowledge from around the globe. Our intention is to help seekers turn within and connect with Self (Ātman) through shared understanding of the philosophy and practice of yoga.

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