Why is it important to meditate with the right intention?


Why is it important to meditate with the right intention?


Meditation is a very powerful tool. Meditation is the source of cultivating what the ancient yogis referred to as the siddhis, which are spiritual attainments and other special gifts. It is also key to the ascension of kundalini energy up the sushumna nadi. Sitting in stillness, cultivating self-control, governance of mind and gaining clarity in consciousness can reshape our thoughts. (Why does the quality of our thoughts matter?) So much of our mind is programmed by media or shaped by the values of our society and the direct influence of our parents. Meditation is a tool for authentically coming into our own while heightening our awareness of the superconscious mind.

Meditation is mindful in nature, as we learn through seated practice the power of our thoughts. At first, we find that we are enslaved to the ruminations of the mind, incapable of sitting still without thoughts continuously arising. Harnessing our thoughts and wrangling them is the first step. The second is opting out of thoughts that are not of our own choosing and pinpointing the ones that are. This is the ekagrata or dhyana, or singular-pointed concentration that is the expressway to finding samadhi. Through meditation we have the ability to use our mind for deeper awareness. Once we have developed our ojas (vigor and manifestation) acquired through meditation and power around our thoughts, we can begin to positively influence others as well as re-pattern our ways of thinking.

When we set intentions and pure motivation, we can contribute to higher awareness for all. If, instead, we set intentions that are self-serving, we stay in the place of ego, which promotes dualistic thinking and is the antithesis of the union yoga aspires to. One of the five kleshas, or sources of suffering, is asmita (the ego mind). (What is the best way to observe my ego?)

Setting the right intention will deliver the results that one typically seeks when in a meditation practice, which includes a sense of peace, calm, clarity and comfort.

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