You don’t have to go trekking across the vast continent of India, from ashram to ashram, searching for a guru. As your spiritual path unfolds, you will come to find that the true guru lies within. The guru is that still, soft voice of intuition. It’s the voice of your heart, and the voice of your soul. (Learn about Heart Intelligence.)

Your Inner Voice Speaks Your Truth

Listening to your inner voice is no easy task. It’s covered up by layers and layers of mental activity and words of the ego. Your inner voice is deeper than these other voices. It’s still, it’s soft and it holds all the wisdom you’ll ever need. When we cultivate the stillness that’s needed to hear our inner voice, we feel guided and completely self-reliant. There’s no need to go searching for answers from external sources. There’s no need to find a guru or a wise friend to get the guidance you need. Although, gurus, teachers, mentors and wise friends can lead us to this realization, and that in itself is highly beneficial.

Getting in touch with our inner voice takes patience and time. (Learn why Patience Really Is a Virtue.)It takes a peeling away of all the many layers that cover it up. But it’s there–within each and every one of us–beneath the layers of flesh and beneath the limitations of our five senses. Our inner voice speaks only truth and love. It is our essence, and it is vast and unbounded by time and space. It is beyond the ego, the you, the me and the mine. It is pure awareness, vast consciousness, and it’s waiting to be discovered.

The Voice of the Divine

When you access your inner voice, you gain perception unlike any other. It doesn’t judge, it doesn’t like or dislike, it simply sees everything for what it is–an expression of love. Your inner voice is constantly getting input from the Divine. In fact, it is the Divine, and it connects you to everyone and everything that exists.

Your inner voice is not your intellect and it’s not your emotions. It’s not your ego, your personality or your experience of life through the five senses. It runs deeper still–to a place that’s always in the flow of nature–in the flow of the divine Consciousness that is everything and all that is.

Any and every question you have can be answered by your inner voice. When you begin to dialogue with it, you’ll never need to go searching outside of yourself. What freedom of existence this brings! But you need to let go and get out of your own way, as they say. You need to let it be okay to listen to it–without trying to analyze and intellectualize as the mind naturally does.

Hearing Through Stillness

So, how do we access our inner voice? We access it through our daily meditation practice. This is where stillness and calm is cultivated. In meditation, we learn how to quiet our thoughts in order to go deeper. You need to slow your body and mind way down, calming the chaos that lies at the surface. You need to disconnect from the distractions of daily life and connect to the still space within. (Learn how in Meditation 101.)

With each meditation, we do just this. Each time we take a seat on our meditation cushion, our mind becomes a little more quiet and the inner voice a little bit louder. We transcend our earthly plane just a little, traveling into a vaster consciousness. In this place, all is tranquil and all is calm. Our inner voice is infinitely more loving, forgiving and compassionate than that of our ego. It’s way more creative. It’s the voice of intuition itself, which is the voice of the utmost wisdom.

So, why don’t we all live from this place of higher knowledge? Because many of us have never experienced it, and we don’t know how. The key lies in slowing down and getting quiet and still. It lies in a meditation practice that takes you deep into the depths of your soul. Sometimes it takes time to cultivate this and sometimes Aha! moments happen spontaneously.

Turn Up the Volume

It’s different for everyone, but one thing is certain–with a regular meditation practice and a strong intention, you will access your inner voice. The more you do, the more you’ll listen to it. The louder it will get, until it’s all that ever talks to you, and then….Wow! Life becomes an endless journey of wonder. Each moment is new and your fears dissolve. All that’s left is love. All that’s left is wisdom. May we all begin listening to our inner voice today and for always!