Harnessing Universal Energy for Healing

A Guide to Reiki

A Guide to Reiki

The quest for a healthy energetic balance is ancient. But how do we connect with our energy? How can we tell if our tank is running on empty?

Reiki is an energy therapy designed to do just that. Not only does Reiki work with the same meridians or energy channels as Acupuncture and Acupressure found in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but there are also a number of connections with yoga. Reiki is aligned with the same chakras or energy centres found in yoga, and even the word Reiki is reminiscent of prana, or ‘life force.’

In encouraging energy to flow freely, Reiki provides a sense of deep relaxation and healing. Just as a healthy flow of prana determines one’s vitality, the flow of ki can be used to determine one’s overall health. This guide provides an introduction to reiki and how it can help to clear the energetic blocks in your body.

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